Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Like A Boss

I am so G'd for the World Cup tonight.

Midnight Match

We have The Glorious Nippon against Paraguay. Regardless of what people have been saying, I think Paraguay have a damn hot chance here. There game is fast and ruthless to the opposition, and while they only win by one goal which is near the end of the match usually, it's because they have the stamina to run the other team ragged. Damn high altitude of Paraguay! On the other hand, we have Japan. Japan who haven't played spectacularly this tournament (except when Cameroon was bombarding their defence and they managed to withstand it (Eiji Kawashima made amazing saves)). They need to fucking step it up. They weren't the best Asian team here, that was easy South Korea, but let's see if their loss pumps up the Japanese. Let's hope.

Four-Thirty Match

What we have here is potentially the most awesome match of the 2010 World Cup. Spain V Portugal. The nations hate each other (except like 12 points from Portugal to Spain in Eurovision WTF!?) and Ronaldo is a fag and so is Torres, so if the match gets a bit boring, we can have a bitch-off between the two. Or cut to some birds, which seems to be the cool thing to do according to Fifa. I'm assuming this match will be off the fuckin' chain because Portugal didn't exert any energy last match so they should power on and Spain need to pick up their feet. I want to see some epic shit that makes getting up at 4:00 worth it, YA HEAR ME!!!?

So in other news, I'm working a shitload this week, which means I'll be a rich kent. And there's like $318 flights to Osaka and mum was all "Let's go!" and I was like "FUCK YEAH I'LL GO JAPAN TWICE IN A YEAR!!!" so I might (probably not) have that going for me. Which would be absolutely dope as fuck. Imagine. Yeah, you can't, sorry, but I kind of can. Just have to imagine more green where all the dead brown was. Fuck.

And now I'm currently listening to The Protomen because Chris told me to and it's a rock opera loosely based on MegaMan and MegaMan rules like a boss. Looking forward to this. Just started. If the whole album is like the first track, we could be in for a fucking fun ride. I also have a headache for some reason, which sucks the big one. I'll grab some panadol and attempt to stay up for Japan match. I should be able to do it. Take some tea and food upstairs as eating keeps me awake. Looks like it could be a sweet night of my own, awesome company. I am a cool dude to hang around with. Not really.

Super excited for The Eastern tomorrow night. The one place where I lose all class, gaze at fine wymyn, give dirty wymyn filthy looks of disgust and pray I never have to use the bathroom...but I always do. Keen to hear some terribad RnB (see: Con dancing like a drunk fool), some good electro on the 3rd floor (Major Lazer PLZ). I would be amazed if the DJ had taste and was educated and played some SunStroke Project. I would actually jizz. And Saxophone Guy on the D-Floor.

Get Shakes - Disneyland (Pt. 1)

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  1. Spain v Portugal was a pretty big let down, in terms of entertainment, but I be one happy Spaniard. Spain v Japan would have been fun! But I guess we will just have to go for revenge samurai style, with an ornamental katana.