Friday, June 18, 2010


I don't normally watch sport. The only thing I regularly watch is the Australian Open and Wimbeldon and maybe some cricket thrown in there. But this is completely different. I am fucking loving the World Cup. It's fantastic. I have no idea what's happened. I never watch football normally, so why am I suddenly watching two games a nice and staying up until outrageous hours of the morning? Who cares, it's shit awesome!

People doubted Maradona, but Argentina performed marvellously last night. Except the brain explosion that allowed South Korea to score. I bet the tiny man was not happy with that. Regardless, I hope South Korea beat Nigeria, I actually love their team. Not as much as the Japanese team because they are all just so damn cool.

Otherwise, I haven't been studying not nearly as much as I should be for Japanese. Tomorrow will be an interesting one. But I still deserve a huge night out, amIright? I AM RIGHT! But I want to go somewhere that has a TV so I can watch Japan V Netherlands at 9:30 and Australia V Ghana at 12:00, because I'd rather drink and watch football at a club than dance the night away. Maybe. Damn, that's a hard decision. Next semester, I promise to do work throughout for Japanese. I've learnt my lesson the hard way. But still, Mad Manning Mondays will be little work and more chilling. This semester will be totally archaeological!

I'd make a "Con's World Cup Playlist!" but I'm not a gayfag, so here's a cool song:

Holy Fuck - Stilettos


  1. maradona is hilarious to watch, when he gets excited or angry, he just jumps around, being short and fat.

  2. Maradona rules. He has his own church. <3 him.