Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Roc-A-Fella, Baby!

I'm just going to put it out there right now: I like JET.
Yes, they are devoid of intelligence and originality, but I don't mind a spin of "Get Born" or some tracks off "Shine On". I'm listening to "Shaka Rock" right now...it's okay, but I'll just stick to "She's A Genius" and maybe another track if it stands out.

I'm not liking the current weather. I want summery summer weather even though it's not summer, I just like the view of a sunny day more than rain. I'm not sure what a rainy Spring means, I can only hope it indicates a hawt summer ahead. I just want a lot of pool parties and no cares and relaxation and all that good stuff that I haven't had for the past years. Only a few more weeks, only a few more weeks.

You know that feeling you get in the middle of your chest when you see / meet up / hang out with that person you like? How it feels all pressured and your excited? I have that feeling right now because I'm listening to "The Blueprint" by Jay-Z. Am I smitten? Do I have a man-crush on Jay-Z? Very likely. H to tha izzo, V to tha izzay!

Also, no time to think about life and all that, it's all study all day. I'm motivated to study because these exams are pretty much the most important thing in my schooling life so far. Looks like I want to go well after all. Haven't stressed or anything though, pretty chill about it. Parents aren't, they're more edgy than me, which isn't hard. Being a slacker is the best.

The computer has not arrived yet either. This is shitty and simultaneously good. I just can't wait until post-HSC when I get to nerd it up for hours (days) on end playing WoW.

Con has Big Day Out ticket. I hope announcement 2 is ABAP, otherwise I'll sell it and make money. Or just deal with it. Probably the latter.

And this video is really hilarious:



  1. just deal with it.
    it's a good day.
    but even if you dont go, fake ids get me slurpies.
    jay-z will never love you.
    no offence, but it had to be said.

  2. i didn't get a bdo ticket... i heard someone say there's no ballot. i wonder if that's true?