Friday, October 16, 2009

Of Recent Times

This album is amazing. I'm going to have to import it because I've never seen it at a shop and I really, really want it because it's so fucking fantastic. Like super wow, just put it in that top 50 list I made that I'm not going to change because I don't overly care.

Also, I've been listening to a lot of HEALTH. There is no problem to this, HEALTH are a great band and it's a bit of influence or whatever. Noise music is surprisingly hard to make - if you want to make good noise. Riffs / hooks = Not Easy.

And I've been having a jam session every day for the past week(s). My fingers really hurt but it's some good practice. Today while playing Communication Breakdown, I was "shredding" out a solo and my pinky slipped and now the cuticle is mega owned and sliced. I love the guitar. I would also love being in a pub band who plays covers and when we play Brown Sugar, all the 40-year-old women get up and dance. That would be so great. Like, so great. And old guys would be all:
and I'll be all:
And I will. And they won't like that. But I will. And that's all that matter, right?

I wanna start a shoegaze band now. Maybe we should be shoegaze/noise. Yeah, I think they kinda go hand-in-hand. And I wanna play on stage. And wanna have people go:
"Hey, that guy's alright..."
That would be a dream come true.

And after the HSC, I'm going to visit 2SSR, the local radio station and apply for some work. I've got connections to there because my uncle (now drive-time "celeb" in Canberra) used to work there. But yeah, if I've got like a dodgy, late-night radio show, I expect you people to listen. We can't talk on air because this radio station is so dodgy you can't actually do that. Imagine, me on the radio for an hour or so. I'd talk crap for a few minutes, kick out some jams that are like my computer on shuffle (like Boredoms followed by The Small Faces then HITS FROM THE BONG!) and then read out some crappy community announcements that don't apply to you because they're all shire. Hopefully I get that gig so I can crap around in a radio booth, bring in a friend and then plug my own bands - MxP will be pretty huuuuge.

Tomorrow, I'm going to Allen's Music in Alexandria to put a VOX Tonelab LE Effects Board on lay-buy for my 18-year life anniversary. I'd put a picture of it up, but I'm keeping the colour in this post pink. Pretty much, if will allow me to make noise along with my Aria Flanger pedal and the digital effects in the amp. Hopefully there's some fuzz and muff so I can 2-cent Mudhoney it up (BTW HARRY: Learn Touch Me I'm Sick) and try to shoegaze and make the kids next door cry to their (hot) mum (happy, Tim?) while their massive New Zealander inslander dad gives me death stares for making his children cry and checking out his wife. Yeah, I'm cool like that.

Boris - Painted With Flame
The Big Pink - At War With The Sun


  1. Why is Allan's having a VOX exclusive sale? Lol, they're just discounting the shit outta everything on the VOX line.

    Anyway, Boris is mega awesome.

  2. Because Allen's likes me and my money from buying VOX stuff. Tried to convince mum to get me a tube amp as well. Didn't work...