Sunday, October 11, 2009

We Could Do With Some More Poison

This song is the epitome of dance-punk. I realised this while on the train the other day. It is a masterpiece of modern music. I am not exaggerating, this song is pure brilliance and it puts everyone and everything from every dance-punk and nu rave group to shame.

Someone has to give me a copy of The Vines "Highly Evolved" because I lost it in my old school torrents folder. Along with The Smashing Pumpkins' "Siamese Dream" and "Mellon Collie...".

Pretty much the gist of this post is:
It's all good!

The noise band I had an overwhemling desire to make seems to have come together. Hopefully it works out and we call ourselves "Hola Hovito" and we open for HEALTH sometime in the future. That would be mad cool.

And the study is all good. I have high motivation thanks to the 5-stack CD player that keeps me company. One Led Zeppelin album a day, chronologically, of course. Tomorrow is "Houses of the Holy".

Plain and simple: Heavily smitten.

And I got this new application for the iPhone. It's a cool sketchbook that makes me like to think I can draw when in reality I cannot. Here's one crappy picture. It's called "Pablo's Cruise" because I was listening to that song when I made it.

Don't judge me, my fingers are fat and I have virtually no drawing skill. I just make heaps of lines to make it seem I know what I'm doing.

So pretty much, this new computer is great and I can't wait until post-HSC for so many reasons. I won't get into that.

Test Icicles - Circle. Square. Triangle.


  1. i could burn you mellon collie.
    post-hsc will be amazing.
    you're heavily smitten, hey?
    what's the drawing of?

  2. It's a picture of a ship in a terrible storm. Kinda like every episode of Deadliest Catch.