Thursday, October 29, 2009

You Can All Join In

Stuff I walked past today:
  1. The oh-so-beautiful piano playing of a girl I once knew whos initials are L.L. I actually walked much, much slower (essentially just standing there) past her house to admire the lovely sounds coming from within. I don't know what she was playing, but it was simply divine and luckily I got to hear it twice. It perfectly calmed me down for a whole 10 seconds that I heard it.
  2. Children screaming and playing. Torturuous. I don't remember people screaming like retards when I was at IPS. I would say we did, though. I don't remember it being louder than fucking Neil Young, though. Seriously, these children were screaming so loud, that if I were to walk into that playground, I would start bleeding from the ears.
  3. My ultra-godly past-friend / current acquaintance drumming his arms off. It was really quite good. However, I do believe he had an exam today, so it was probably his equally-religious brother. You know those "Jesus: All About Life!" signs? Yeah? Yeah, they have one in their window. The south will rise again, Custer...
  4. Two chefs from Al Martino's, the local Italian restaurant. They were chainsmoking cigarettes extremely quickly. I do not want them to touch my pizza again. I lie, I do, those pizzas from Al Martino's are fucking orgasm-inducing. G'damn I want one so bad.
  5. A "FOR SALE - SOLD" sign. Normally this is no big deal because I don't really give a flying when someone new moves into the suburb. However, I think this sign was outside another past-friend's place who I planned to become very good friends with again after all this HSC shit finishes. It made me very sad because I kinda abandoned this great friendship we had. Oh the good times, oh nostalgia.

I wanna make an album, but I don't want it to suck which it inevitably will because I have no songwriting skill whatsoever. It's gross to know that my current "masterpiece" is Sodomy. Uuuuuuh pathetic feelings. But what genre? Noisy garage? Shoegazing? Folkish ballads and confessional poetic songs? Sludge? I don't think that a song I have written / will write will ever be displayed in public. I will not even match the cuntiness of Chad Kroeger and put anything I write out. BECAUSE I KNOW IT IS SHITTY! YOU HEAR ME CHAD, YOU DICK MUCHER!? FUCK OFF!

I feel totally empty. Hello, bodily organs and fluids and bones and muscles, are you in there? Because I cannot feel you. I don't think I've ever felt so much nothingless in my chest. I'll stop this bleakness now.

I have recently become hideously and dangerously obsessed with electronica, Kanye West and Jay-Z. 90s electronica is essentially my life because I'm sure a party guy and I love synths more than anything. And when I choose a CD to listen to, The Blueprint and The College Dropout just instantly go "POP!" into my mind. Why, HOVA, why have you poisoned me to love you so? RAH RAH RAH RAH RAH! is what I do when I listen to Napalm Death. And I get crazy urges to punch bitches in the jugular. Fuck yeah! Cowjab those fuckers so they can't breathe.

Napalm Death - Instinct Of Survival
Björk - Venus As A Boy

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  1. noisy garage. go with noisy garage.
    bleakness, nothingness, emptiness, gaping chasms, it continues.
    dont punch bitches in the jugular. thats not nice.